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Mission Olympic Foundation is a non profit charitable establishment, inaugrated by Swami Baba Ramdev, that strives to provide adequate guidance and support to the children who dream to become National icons by serving their nation through extraordinary achievements in the field of sports. Sports is one of the crucial activities in our lives. By getting involved in sports, one can achieve physical fitness as well as mental growth. Involvement in sots help you in gaining better concentration and keeps you more focussed towards your goals in life. It trains you about getting serious and dedicated towards your dreams and also helps you attain the same through hard work and practice. Also, sports plays an important role in boosting up your confidence level that will help you in gaining more success in various domains of your career.

In the past, archery was mainly used in hunting for fun and wars. But with the long chain of social and cultural changes, archery has now become a hobby and a widely played sport that has an inherent presence even in National Olympics. Opting for sports as a career brings in more opportunities for you. As a well-established and experienced sports person, you can enjoy the stand of being a national representative and become a national icon too. Putting in efforts in sports also help you earn better job opportunities in government sector through the special sports quota. Thus, as a sports person, you will get countless opportunities to excel in your careers and grow high to achieve highest levels of success.

At Mission Olympic Foundation, under the keen guidance and supervision of Coach Suresh Kashyap, a large number of students have been trained in archery and taken to International sports wherein the trainees have won a good number of medals and awards for our country. Our trainees have also broken numerous National and International records. The only vision of the members of this foundation is to produce vibrant and competent sports professionals who work hard to create a name and fame for their country at global level.

It doesnot matter whether you take archery as a game for fun or as a profession, Mission Olympic provides full guidance to impart knowledge and skills of archery so that you have a renowned presence as a sportsman.


Special training sessions for best performing candidates are arranged by renowned International trainers. The performers are also awarded with opportunities to exhibit their competency on National and International stages. A good number of trainees have performed outstandingly and also brought a name and fame for the National in International games.

Some of our training sessions include:
♦ Initiate archery
♦ Intermediate Archery
♦ Advanced Archery
♦ The Archery League


Mission Olympic Foundation is committed to providing the most comprehensive range of services and learning experiences for our students and guests. We offer exceptional learning opportunities for beginners that focus on acquiring the basic skills and competencies necessary to progress in the sport. Our in-depth instructional methods are designed to bring out the best in our students. We deliver a unique combination of fundamentals, fitness and fun to engage and entertain our students while they learn. This innovative approach to instruction allows us to appeal to students of all ages and provides the motivation they need to succeed in this competitive sport.


At Mission Olympic Foundation, we take a holistic and integrated approach to archery instruction that includes special events hosting for corporate events and activities for youth organizations. We specialize in entertaining and educational events that provide real value for our guests. Our corporate archery competitions are designed to enhance team-building efforts and to promote a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among staff members. For youth organizations, we offer exclusive programs designed to educate and engage younger participants and to get them excited about the sport of archery.


Children and adults alike can experience the health benefits of archery training, practice and competition. Archery increases muscle tone, improves both small and large muscle motor control and provides a good cardiovascular workout for everyone in the family. The challenge and excitement of archery competitions and practices ensure that students stay motivated and eager to participate in the activities and form sets presented in class. Our instructors are experts in providing confidence-building activities and support strategies for students at every stage of the learning process. Our classes are the perfect way to instill social skills and self-confidence that will carry over into other areas of everyday life.


Mission Olympic Foundation offers custom-designed programs for home-schooled children that provide comprehensive instruction in archery in a safe, wholesome environment. Finding the right physical education activities can be challenging for parents; we make it easy with classes designed to provide healthy exercise in a structured environment. Additionally, home-schooled children can participate in one of the competitive teams at Mission Olympic Foundation, allowing them to acquire the social skills and strategies necessary to work cooperatively with others. Archery is a lifetime sport, so early training can create the foundation for future achievement and growth.

Our Affiliations

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  • Rural Game Federation of India (RGFI).
  • Filled Archery Association of India (FAA).
  • National Adventure of Sports.
  • Drona Archery of India. (Archery Association of India).
  • National Adventure of Sports Federation of India.
  • School Game Federation of India (SGFI).
  • Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Youth Affaires & Sports Govt. of India.

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