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Mission Olympic Foundation is a non profit charitable establishment that strives to provide adequate guidance and support to the children who dream to become National icons by serving their nation through extraordinary achievements in the field of sports. Sports is one of the crucial activities in our lives. By getting involved in sports, one can achieve physical fitness as well as mental growth. We believe in providing equal and adequate opportunity to every child of our ntion without putting up any financial burden on the shoulders of their families or themselves. However, running every organization needs some financial inputs for providing better facilities and trainers. Our members are putting in every effort to keep the organization live by spending their earned money for the future of of nation and children. We would appreciate any financial inputs from your side for this initiative. Your contribution can help us provide bright future to more children. Please drop us an e-mail at mail@missionolympic.in to share some finances as a donation.

   Address: Plot No. 2, Mirjapur Colony, Kurukshetra, Haryana, INDIA

   Email: mail@missionolympic.in, Website: www.missionolympic.in